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The PROTEC Intelligent Solutions for Industrial Maintenance is a "Small Business" to "Large Stocks". We are leaders in intelligent solutions for industrial maintenance. We are proud to work with the supply of the best parts for industrial maintenance in the Northeast, and we operate in diverse sectors, from manufacturing / assembling parts, to present projects and solutions in automation, drives and seal.

Founded in 1997, in Recife, our company is 100% Pernambuco. Born to meet a market need northeastern, who needed quality products, combined with good prices, quick responses and support locally. Thus we expand our business and today we attend throughout the Northeast.

We have the largest inventory in the region segment Sealing and are a benchmark in the market on the subject. We offer courses and workshops for training and continuing education of our users in order to promote the exchange of solutions and foster partnership between manufacturers of industrial products and our end customer.

In the Northeast, we operate in key states. We create a business network, made ​​through correspondent residents and our emissaries, which connects directly with our key customers and our core business. Through partnerships with carriers, we have no limit of area covered in the delivery of our products.


Globalization is a fact that is already part of people's lives. This revolution has changed the way we buy, sell and meet the expectations of the consumer market. And PROTEC is always attuned to the demands and trends of consumption and to create a strategic plan of expansion and conquest to boost growth.

Our focus is on results, since the commitments made to our customers is a bond of trust, for us, should be maintained and enhanced so that the relationship is long and growing. We strive to always offer the best service and the best service for our client: this is our vocation.


In May 2013 PROTEC won for Local Innovation Agents (ALI) - Trade of the 2012 edition of the National Award for Innovation. The award is sponsored by the National Confederation of Industry (CNI), the Brazilian Service of Support for Micro and Small Enterprises (SEBRAE) and Competitive Brazil Movement (MBC), with support from the Financier of Studies and Projects (FINEP) and the Ministry of Science, technology and Innovation (MCTI), and comes in recognition of the success story of the company, already established in parts segment and industrial maintenance and entrepreneurial vision and innovative entrepreneur André Carvalho, director of PROTEC.

In 2006 and 2002 Protec won the Distinction Award in the Business category trade competing with more than 3,000 companies in the state of Pernambuco.

Culture and Mission

Everywhere where PROTEC is, our culture is always observed. Our employees share our values​​, which are embedded in the company culture: Innovation, Commitment, Pride, Integrity and Passion.

These values inspire our staff and our customers, and to explain the success we have achieved in the segment and our growth. We listen to the demands of our customers and we start to respond quickly to requests. With that, anticipate future needs, and develop a differential in offering solutions.

Video Program "Encontro SEBRAE"
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Video Program "Encontro SEBRAE"
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Video Program "Encontro SEBRAE"

PROTEC - Parts for Industrial Maintenance
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